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Title: Russian Fairytales
Artist: Tsyganova Olga
Size: 21.5x18x15
Size (inches): 8.5x7x6
Price : $4800 SOLD!


This large, impressive box has been created by Olga Tsyganova from the village of Palekh. The box's lid and all its four sides show the scenes from different Russian folk fairy-tales.
The box's front side depicts a final scene from the fairy-tale “Usonsha Bogatyrsha”. In this tale the old tsar asks his three sons to bring the apples of youth and the water of life to become young again. The older brothers leave the kingdom and don't return. They are taken prisoner by the old wizard on the paradise island because they have been rude to him. The young son, Ivan Tsarevich, manages to get the magic apples and water from the garden of Usonsha Bogatyrsha and save his brothers. Ivan Tsarevich isn't thanked for his feat, on the contrary, he is slandered by his envy brothers. The tsar thinks that not Ivan Tsarevich but his brothers are the heroes who have helped him to become young and supposes that Ivan has tried to poison him. So the tsar orders to kill Ivan Tsarevich but the executioner is sorry for him and lets him leave the kingdom. Meanwhile Usonsha Bogatyrsha has given birth to two sons. The children start asking Usonsha Bogatyrsha who their father is and she answers that their father is Ivan Tsarevich. The children want to see their father. Usonsha Bogatyrsha comes to the kingdom and says the tsar that the man who has brought the magic apples and water to him is the father of her children. She orders the tsar to deliver the father of her children to her and threaten to destroy the kingdom. The elder brothers come to Usonsha Bogatyrsha but she doesn't recognize them. So the elder brothers are obliged to tell the truth. In the end of the tale Ivan Tsarevich marries Usonsha Bogatyrsha and lives happily with her.
In the center of the composition we can see Usonsha Bogatyrsha with her sons who have sailed to the kingdom to find Ivan Tsarevich. A little below the artist has painted the elder brothers who confess that they have committed a crime against Ivan Tsarevich. From the left of the central scene we can see the tsar and from the right of it we can see Ivan Tsarevich who is recognized by Usonsha Bogatyrsha.
The box's lid and its right side show several scenes from the “The Tale of Vasilisa the Golden Braid and Ivan the Pea”. In this tale the Ferocious Dragon kidnaps the tsar's daughter, Vasilisa the Golden Braid. (this scene is painted in the center of the box's right side). He has the body of a man and the head of a snake. Vasilisa's brothers leave the kingdom in the hope of finding her. They meet a beggar who tells them that their sister is kidnapped by the Ferocious Dragon. The brothers find the Dragon's palace and their sister but suddenly the Dragon appears and kills the brothers. Vasilisa cries bitterly and wants to take vengeance on the Ferocious Dragon. Once she finds out that only Ivan the Pea is able to kill the Dragon. Meanwhile Vasilisa's mother, goes for a walk in the garden, comes to the marble well, scoops fresh, crystal water with the gold dipper, drinks cold water and doesn't notice a pea at the bottom of the dipper (this scene is painted in the center of the box's lid). She swallows the pea and after that she becomes pregnant. Soon tsaritsa gives birth to a child, Ivan the Pea (this scene is painted in the right upper corner of the box's right side). Ivan grows quickly and turns into a mighty bogatyr. When he finds out the story of his family, he decides to save his sister and brothers. Like his brothers, he meets the beggar who tells him that his sister can be found in the Ferocious Dragon's palace (this scene is painted in the left bottom corner of the box's right side). Then Ivan the Pea comes into the dark forest and finds there the hut on chicken legs. Baba-Yaga who lives in that hut helps Ivan to find the way the palace of the Ferocious Dragon (this scene is painted in the right bottom corner of the box's right side). In the end of the tale Ivan the Pea kills the Ferocious Dragon, saves his sister, Vasilisa the Golden Braid, revives his brothers with the help of the life water, and returns with his brothers and sister to the native kingdom (this scene is painted in the left part of the box's lid).
The box's left side features several scenes from “The Tale of the Apples of Youth and the Water of Life”. In this tale the old Tsar dreams of returning him youth and being young again. He sends his three sons to carry him the golden apples and the water of life (this scene is painted in the left bottom corner of the box's left side). Having been tempted and deceived by a wicked maiden, the older brothers are taken prisoner, and the young brother, Ivan Tsarevich, leaves the kingdom to fulfill his father's task and save his brothers. He manages to steal the apples of youth and the life water from the garden of the incomparably beautiful Blue-Eyed Maiden and falls in love with her (this scene is painted in the right bottom corner of the box's left side). In the center of the box's left side we can see Ivan Tsarevich flying on the huge bird. This is nearly the end of the tale. Before carrying the youth-giving apples and the magic water to the old Tsar, Ivan determines to save his brothers, and successfully does it. Being envious and ungrateful, his brothers decide to kill Ivan. They want to receive a half of the kingdom from their father as a reward for fetching the magic water and apples. So, they push off Ivan Tsarevich into the abyss. At the bottom of the abyss Ivan finds nestlings that are more dead than alive. Heavy shower and strong wind have almost killed them. Ivan covers them with his jacket and saves them. To return his kindness, the huge bird Nagay, the mother of the nestlings, saves Ivan and carries him to his native kingdom.
The reverse side of the box shows several scenes from “The Tale of Tsar the Soothsayer”. There are thirty two versions of this tale. People living in Russia, Europe, Asia and even America know the plot of this tale. We can remember such Russian versions of this tale as “Vanyusha”, “Yelena the Wise”, “Tsar the Practitioner of Black Magic”. The tale tells about the bogatyr Ivan who seeks in marriage the daughter of Tsar the Soothsayer (we can see this scene in the foreground of the reverse side). Tsar the Soothsayer is a keeper of the magic book (he is depicted in the center of the composition reading his book). When he opens his book he can find out the answer of any question. Tsar the Soothsayer lets Ivan marry his daughter only if he manages to hide from him. Ivan accepts his proposal and hides in the garden behind the big tree. This procedure repeats two times. Every time Tsar the Soothsayer finds Ivan because he finds out the place where Ivan hides in his magic book. The third time Ivan comes to the big oak near the sea and saves nestlings of the Bird Mogul (this episode is depicted in right upper corner of the composition). The grateful bird presents Ivan three feathers. Ivan must touch the books with these feathers to destroy the magic. Ivan makes this procedure, hides again in the garden and Tsar the Soothsayer can't find him. In the end of the tale Ivan marries the daughter of Tsar the Soothsayer and after his death becomes the ruler of the kingdom (this scene is painted in the left part of the composition.
Each scene is elaborately painted in tempera paints and detailed with gold metal paint. Gold and silver paint is also used to decorate the box's exterior with nice floral patterns. The box is constructed from paper-mache. Black lacquer is used to paint the exterior of the piece while red lacquer completes the interior of the work. The lid is hinged and the box rests on four legs. The work is signed by the artist.

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